IP Series 2-Stripe


NewTek 2-Stripe Control Panel
Stripes2 x panel stripes independently configurable for switcher, M/E, PREVIZ, or NDI™ output router operation
· Dynamic LCD crosspoint label displays
· Support for bank, layer, and key delegation
· Support for multi-engine control
Crosspoints64 x crosspoints per stripe (16 buttons with 4 delegate banks)
COMPsDirect panel access to VMC1 Video Mix Engine COMP Bin presets
MacroMacro mode and number pads supporting attachment and activation of user-configured macros
Media1 x media player control keypad with player delegation and command buttons
MEMDirect panel access to VMC1 Video Mix Engine switcher and M/E MEMs
T-Bars2 x multi-mode T-Bars (1 per stripe) with dynamically variable illumination and support for BKGD
video layer and key layer delegation
Fade to black
LiveSet Zoom
Joystick1 x multi-mode joysticks (3-axis) supporting stripe, layer, and key delegation
· Position/Scale
· Rotate
· · Crop
· LiveSet virtual camera control
· PTZ camera control
· Media player shuttle
PhysicalVMC1 2S chassis with 25W PSU
35.5 x 11.75 x 4.63 in (90.2 x 29.85 x 11.76 cm)